Lippincott's Interactive Cardiac Anesthesia Library: Help


How to Use the QuickTime Player | Troubleshooting

Videos are located in the Video Library (accessible from the LICAL Main Contents page), and are dispersed throughout the text of A Practical Approach to Transesophageal Echocardiography.

To view a video in the textbook, click the photo next to the video legend, or the link "View Video". To view a video in the Video Library, click the blue highlighted video title.

When the new window opens, the video may take some time to load. When it has finished loading, it will start playing automatically, and will loop continuously.

How to Use the QuickTime Player

Using the video screen is just like using a tape recorder. The buttons on the far left are the volume control and the play buttons. Click on the horn icon and hold the mouse down to view the volume control. Move the mouse up or down to adjust the volume. The play button, shaped like a sideways triangle, can also be pressed to pause the video. In the bottom right of the QuickTime image, the left-pointing triangle button is rewind, followed by the right-pointing triangle button, which is fast forward. The last button opens a menu containing further techncial information from QuickTime.


All audio and video clips are in .mov format, best viewed with QuickTime 6.0 or above.

If you do not have QuickTime installed, visit: to install the FREE player.

To find out if your browser supports QuickTime, or that it is installed correctly, visit this Apple web site:

If everything is not in place, the Apple web site will automatically detect the problem and prompt you through the plug-in installation process. This especially affects users of I.E. 5.5 with Service Pack 2 and above (I.E. 6.0), which are installed without any support for QuickTime.

For further support, visit