Lippincott's Interactive Cardiac Anesthesia Library: Help

Using the Review

Getting Started | Simple Review | Review Test | Test Scores

Getting Started

To start a review session, click Cardiac Anasthesia Review at the bottom of the Main Contents page.

Select "Do a Review Test" to test your skills, or "Do a Simple Review" to start answering questions.

Simple Review

The Simple Review contains an unlimited number of review questions presented one by one, for which, after you submit an answer, you receive immediate feedback (including direct links to relevant in-depth text materials for review).

Review Test

A number (which you specify) of test questions are presented for you to answer without subsequent intermediate feedback. At the end of the test, you are scored on your performance and are then given a chance to review the answers of the questions with links to more in-depth feedback and relevant in-text materials.

Test Scores

At the end of a review, your score is calculated as a percentage, along with a summary of your performance. The summary shows, in order of appearance, a link to each question you answered (or skipped); whether your answer was correct or incorrect; the option you selected; and the correct answer.

You may return to the Review Home page to start again, or return to the LICAL Main Contents page.