Lippincott's Interactive Cardiac Anesthesia Library: Help


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  1. Enter one or more keywords.
  2. Searches are not case sensitive.
  3. Use quotes to find an exact phrase, for example: "chamber pressures".
  4. You can enter multiple keywords, such as blood flow. Or you can enter a Boolean expression, using AND, OR and NOT.
  5. Multiple keywords entered without a Boolean use the AND expression. Thus, entering blood flow is the same as entering blood and flow.
  6. You can use an expression like aorta or aortic to find pages containing either keyword.
  7. You can also use parentheses in Boolean expressions. For example, you can enter (aortic and mitral) or aorta.
  8. You can use the asterisk (*) as a suffix wildcard character in keywords. For example, enter steno* to find pages with keywords such as stenosis or stenotic.
  9. Use NEAR operator to find keywords that appear near to each other. For example, type aortic near regurgitation to find documents with words aortic and regurgitation appearing one near another.
  10. Beside using NEAR operator, you can specify how close keywords could be. For example, use "aortic w/5 regurgitation" (with quotes) to find documents where words aortic and regurgitation appear within a frame of 5 words, or "w/7 mitral valve stenosis" to find mitral, valve and stenosis within a 7 word frame. Note that common words are not counted as part of word frame.
  11. If no matches are found, reword your query and try again.

Technical Help

Internet Explorer vs. Netscape.
As a general guideline, the search works best using Internet Explorer, so if you're having problems with search, first try using IE instead of Netscape.

Enable Java.
The search engine is a Java-powered technology, so your browser needs to have Java enabled.

PC IE users: In the Tools menu, select Internet Options > Advanced. Make sure "JIT compiler for virtual machine enabled" is selected.

MAC IE users: In the Edit menu, select Preferences > Java. Make sure "Enable Java" is selected.

Netscape users: In the Edit menu, select Preferences > Advanced. Make sure "Enable Java" is selected.

Update Java.
If the above options do not solve the problem you are experiencing, your machine's version of Java could be out of date. To download and install this, you will need an active Internet connection.

PC users, to update your JRE (Java Runtime Engine), visit At the time this CD-ROM was pressed, the exact location of the JRE was here:

but this address may have changed.

Mac users, to update your MRJ (Macintosh Runtime for Java), visit At the time this CD-ROM was pressed, the exact location of the MAC OS Runtime for Java 2.2.4 SDK (MRJ 2.2) was here:

but this address may have changed.