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Cardiac Anesthesia: Principles and Practice, 2nd Edition
Fawzy G. Estafanous, MD; Paul G. Barash, MD; and J.G. Reves, MD


A Practical Approach to Cardiac Anesthesia, 3rd Edition
Frederick A. Hensley, Jr., MD; Donald E. Martin, MD; and Glenn P. Gravlee, MD


Cardiopulmonary Bypass, 2nd Edition
Glenn P. Gravlee, MD; Richard F. Davis, MD; Mark Kurusz, CCP; and Joe R. Utley, MD


A Practical Approach to Transesophageal Echocardiography
Albert C. Perrino, Jr., MD and Scott T. Reeves, MD, MBA, FACC


Manual of Cardiovascular Diagnosis and Therapy, 5th Edition
Joseph S. Alpert, MD and Gordon A. Ewy, MD

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Problem-Oriented Cases (from Yao)


Cardiac Anesthesia Review (from Connelly & Silverman and Perrino & Reeves)